Northern region of Lithuania stands unique for its historical cultural attractions, plenty of mansions and other places to visit.
Kraziai has a deep history. Monasteries and churches not only shaped the face of the urban campus, but also had a special significance for Samogitian and Lithuanian cultural and spiritual life. The first church in Samogitia was built in Kraziai. The late Baroque Church, named Bless Virgin Mary of the Immaculate Conception Church stands in the heart of town. This church is famous for massacre of Kraziai. Medziokalnis – the hill where according to legend the goddess Medeina lived and had been burning the sacred fire.
Kraziai college residence is located in a restored seventeenth century Kraziai college building.  There is a multifunctional Cultural Center of Matthew Casimir Sarbievius now: library, museum, art gallery, tourism information center.
Kraziai college residence is one of the youngest residences in the region of Northern Lithuania. This residence is located in potentially attractive place and is full of ideas which will bring more positive results.

Artist–in–residence at Kraziai College

Artist–in–residence at Kraziai College is specializing in theater, music, literature and fine arts areas.
The aims of Artist–in–residence:
• To open up the town of Kraziai for artists as a space for creation, work and rest, initiating long-term co-operation among Kraziai and Lithuania’s art scene as well as other foreign countries;
• To develop a favorable environment and stimulate innovative phenomena of art;
• To promote innovations of art education;
• To uphold culture of opera.

• To promote co-operation between the Baltic Sea Region musical theater and opera makers;
• To organize a workshop of at least two days for a selective group of participants;
• To promote co-operation between foreign and Lithuanian composers;
• Artists will be invited to join the cultural and educational institutions of Kraziai organizing an open studio day of all the institutions once a month;
• To proclaim the town of Kraziai as a historical, educational and cultural center reverting it to the European cultural and educational map.


Applications and Selection

The cultural center of M. C. Sarbievius in Kraziai is the budgetary institution, code – 300078087, address – Kolegijos str. 5, Kraziai, Kelme district, Lithuania. Director of cultural center is Lina Mikalajunaite. The cultural center of M. C. Sarbievius in Kraziai organizes the artist residence project – „Residence at Kraziai College“. This project is funded by the Ministry of Culture in Lithuania. The residence project invited to participate painters, composers and ect.

There are „Residence at Kraziai College“ terms and conditions:

  • In the residence may reside people of all ages;
  • Residence duration – 1 month (30 days);
  • Time of residence – 2023 year;
  • Resident needs to create 5-6 works (one of created works to leave to cultural center), to organize workshops, open studio day and present his/her works to the people of Kraziai;
  • If this project will be funded, for resident’s job will be paid the salary and all expenses of trip (to the Lithuania and abroad).

Application form: Residency_application_form_nac

Apply by email:

Invitation form: invitation



Yayoi Higashiyama (painter, Germany)

 Andrius Seselskas (painter, Lithuania)




Adrian Mudder (painter, Germany)

Ilze Griezane (painter, Latvia)

Linda Zivere (painter, Denmark)

Imke Perlick (painter, Germany)


Matthias Jun Wilhelm (painter, Germany)

Konstantinos Margaritis (composer, Greece)


Jari Niesner (composer, Germany)

Inara Petruseviča (painter, Latvia)



Helena Goldt (singer, Germany)

Niklas Aurel Anczykowski (composer, Germany)

Marcus Gyllborg (photographer, Sweden)

Gabriele Micalizzi (photographer, Italy)


 Carlos Andres Rico (composer, Colombia)

Matti Pakkanen (composer, Finland)

Indra Riše (composer, Latvia)

Laura Gustovska (composer, Latvia)


Charles Halka (composer, USA)

Alessandro Pagliazzi (conductor, pianist, educator, Austria)

Martins Vilums (composer, musicologist, Ph.D., Latvia)


Barbro Marklund – Petersone (the professor of The Academy of Music in Oslo, Norway)

Andis Petersons (the member of Association of Latvian vocal teachers, Latvia)

Jonas Sakalauskas (composer, singer, choir director, organizer of musical – theatrical events, Lithuania)

Vytautas Lukočius (an assistant in opera department of Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre, concertmaster, conductor, music director of the project, Lithuania)