The population of the town now stands at about 650, and in the whole neighborhood of Kražiai there are about 3000 people. Kražiai has a deep history, churches and monasteries of Kražiai have not only shaped the face of the urban village, but had a special significance in cultural and spiritual life of Semogitia and Lithuania. Everyone who wants to view Kražiai, has to climb on Vytautas hill using the ladder made of 50 step stone boulders, where the first church was built in Samogitia in 1416 and named by Archangel St. Michael. The beautiful scenery of the whole town together with magnificent Kražiai College building rises from Vytautas hill. On the one side – Kražiai St. Virgin Mary Immaculate Conception parish church, of the late Baroque style, which was related to the events of Kražiai Massacre in 1893. On the other side – Medžiokalnis, where, according to the legend, the goddess Medeina lived and burned the sacred fire.



The cultural center of Matthew Casimir Sarbievius in Kražiai is the multi-cultural center, bringing together the cultural center, library, museum, the hall of exhibitions and conferences, tourism information center and the housing sector into a single structure which is located in the restorated former college of Jesuit.

Jesuit College in Kražiai that was established in the first part of 17th century became the second (the first one was Vilnius Chamber) secondary education institution in Lithuania. A number of teachers with prominent personalities worked in Jesuit educational institution that existed from 1616 till 1773. In 2008 the building has been renewed and set up as a cultural center.

Center has:

  • Cultural center. It‘s the community recreation center for bussiness and self-expression, studies and clubs, drama groups, performances are being built, the concerts and events are organised, educational programs are being prepared. During the summer there is the festival of Kražiai and the workshop for Opera called Ad Fontes studies that are organised for composers and performers.
  • There is an information center in the library, specialized art and architecture publication library of Sharlote Narkiewicz-Laine, music library and every library user has an apportunity to get a subscription.
  • The museum includes the tourism information center, the service of a guide is provided, the sightseeing routs are prepared, excursions to the town and Church of Kražiai are organised.
  • Art gallery and conference hall. Exhibition and exposition hall is fully equiped.
  • Guest rooms. Accommodation service is provided in well – upholstered guest rooms.




  • The festival of Kražiai

A traditional festival of Kražiai annually brings together the co-creative artists from various fields for activities, supports the tradition of donating the art synthesis of high-quality, impresive, unifying the different types of culture to the audience. The festival begins in June and lasts until August.

  • Gregorian chant and traditions of the Church of study week „Ad Fontes“

Ad Fontes is widely implemented in a unique interdisciplinary summer academy project. Studies are carried out each year during the 1st week of August. This event has become the part of Kražiai life.

  • Republican Poetry Afternoon „Autumn – in poetry, verse – in songs…“

The event which takes place annually in October each time gets more and more feather‘s brothers from all over Lithuania. Here the participants are reading their works, sharing the poetic experience, unveiling their new books and making new acquaintances.

  • Workshop for Opera composers and performers

Workshop for Opera composers and performers brings together young artists and designers for a week or even more to Kražiai in June. Artists and designers create and perform a variety sketches of contemporary opera right at the same place. Workshop for Opera composers and performers is the part of Kražiai festival.

  • And lots of other great events!